I am on the point of writing a simple shell script that should run on my
Netware 6.5 Box. The purpose is simple: creating a zipfile of all the
files from last day.

inside bash, I tested with the following command:
find -daystart -mmin 27300 -type f | zip -@ -m -
o /mnt/vol1/Data/tmp/2006-03-31.zip

to pack all the files that are from 31.3.2006 or older. (the mmin of
course is only valid for today, I'm just at the point of cleaning up the

This simple line works great, when executed manually, while entering at
the commandline (bash prompt).

As soon as I create a script file (mkback.sh), it's not working. I only
get the message, ZIP Module already loaded, can not load multiple.

Any ideas, why this should cause such an issue?

The goal is to have the script run every night (using cron).

Any help is appreciated in this!

Kind regards,