For reasons that aren't relevant, I needed to have the explorer shell on
my WinXP workstations refresh when my student users use the red N to
login. So I added taskkill.exe to the login script, but it didn't work
right. I removed it and added it to the group policy login script, but it
caused trouble so I removed it also.
Now the Novell results screen hangs as if it's still working and
Taskkill.exe is still running. I've checked and double checked, but
taskkill is no longer in the login script of Netware or the group policies.
This is causing a lot of problems. One of my zen apps, that is just a
shortcut to a locally installed program, stopped working. So I created a
new app for it for a quick workaround, but it doesn't deliver.

Any ideas why this login script is still running when I no longer have it
in the login script?