I have been doing some testing in our lab and I've discovered that users
cannot login, using contextless login, when the WAN is down. The error
message I get is: LGNCXW32 -
"LDAP Contextless Login: Timeout exceeded while searching for user."

I can still login to Windows fine using the local Administrator account.

In the Novell Client (v4.91 SP2) Properties, on the LDAP Contextless Login
tab I have enabled "LDAP Contextless Login" and "LDAP Context Search
Sccope" and filled in the Trees and Servers fields. The server I've
specified (by IP) is in the LAN. In the Default Location Profile, on the
eDirectory tab, I have specified the local server by IP (as opposed to
DNS) as well.

I've found that if I login using the local Administrator account, uncheck
the Active Authenticator box on the eDirectory tab of the Default Location
Profile, reboot (the login service does not start, but I login into
Windows), then re-check the Active Authenticator box, fill in the Tree,
Context and Server fields again, and reboot I can now login with the WAN
down. It seems like cycling the Active Authenticator flushes something.

Does anyone know what's going on here and what I need to do in order to
avoid doing this when the WAN goes down?