on Netware 6.5 SP5 and SSHD I have an problem with people connecting via
SFTP, but the problem is only in some user contexts. The get a SFTP
connection but the connection is be closed after a few seconds and I get the
following in the error log:

ccepted password for sekotrif from XXX port 1140 ssh2
21 Apr - 10:20:55[0023637667] <11> : subsystem request for sftp
21 Apr - 10:21:00[0023637750] <0> error: authorize_sftp(XXXX) Failed to
create path context on cn=sekotrif.ou=XXX.ou=XXXX.o=XX. rc: 116, errno 22,
h_errno: 10053, clienterrno: 10053

Anyone good ideas or suggestions? I do not have the problem with users in
the some context as the server.