I'm trying to get up to speed on NetWare 6.5 memory management. We've
been having some issues on one server that were related to running out
of User Address Space due to auto tuning. I'm now using the -u switch
(and other suggestions from memcalc) to set the pool size. I have a few

1) Segstats reports the following:

User Address Space (L!=P)
User Pool Size : 905,969,664 bytes (864.0 MB) High
Water Mark : 3,355,443,200 bytes (3.13 GB)

The pool size is exactly what I set in autoexec.bat but I have no idea
where the HWM value is coming from. How could it possibly by almost 4
times larger than the pool size? Is this an issue with seg or something
to be concerned about?

2) I'm using seg to keep an eye on nlm memory trends. How long a time
frame does the trending data use? Does it go from when seg was loaded
or is there a set window?