So, I'm out for the evening last Sat nite. Fairly early on (9:30) & I
have no vehicle (it's at home), I get a call from the S.O. dispatchers
here, cannot connect to inquire on license plates.

Like I said, I have no vehicle, so I call my telecommuter co-worker,
have him check what's going on. He calls back, he can vpn in, but
cannot connect to our 400. Hrmm.......... He calls a local co-worker
to go check it out.

I get a call around 30 minutes later. HOLY @#$%ING #$%@!!! It was
almost 120F in our server room. Dispatch could not connect because our
400 shut down. Both chillers had quit earlier in the evening, around

By the time I got there, the A/C guy was there getting the chillers
running, and we seem to have had no hardware failure (knocking on wood).

Apparently, the phone line that our monitoring device uses got removed
w/o us being made aware of it.

So, first thing this morning was used to get the monitoring box
connected to a line & able to call when necessary.