Hello all, just wondered if anyone has any input or ideas on the below

We are currently running Nw6.5 (edir which is working fine but
we would like to allow our clients (who all have Windows XP sp2 and
Novell client 4.92) to access resources (MS CIFS shared drives) on our
Microsoft Active Directory (w2003 servers) without the need to
re-authenticate. The usernames and passwords on the two directories
are identical (different OU structure) and I just can't seem to get the
NDS username/password authentication to pass-through to the AD.

We can connect to the resources and manually enter our MS/AD
credentials (and save the password for the next time the user needs to
access the resource) but would like to make our migration as seamless
as possible for the users.

Any ideas or possible solutions/products would be of great

Thanks in advance, Craig
University of Hull