nw65 sp4 c1 1.3.6e. GW 6.5 is on a cluster. Moved post offices to new
server, then pointed to the cluster path for that server using UNC. Made a
typo and now, I can't fix it. Every time I load C1 it immediately pops up
a window saying the gw domain can't be found and it shows me the path
(which is boo-booed) then pops up a windows login box as if it wants me to
log into a windows server by that name. All I can do is click OK or Cancel
and if I do cancel it comes back over and over...OK yields nothing, it just
goes dormant then pops up all over again. All I can do is cancel C1 with
task manager. I've searched in regedit and see no stored reference...

where is this info stored and how do I get rid of it??? C1 is totally
useless on this machine....