I am having a strange problem I will try to describe as best I can..

Basically, we have a group of users whose drive mappings are not
working at login. (they can manually browse to the drive(s) and map
but obviously we don't want to encourage that).

They see some, but not all of their drives. I have set up test
to mimic a few of these users' accounts (same group memberships,
login script, etc) and the test accts have no problem seeing all of the

After further investigation, I realized when I was logging in with
these test
accounts, I was attaching to a different server than they are.. The
sever I'm
attaching to is not the one that the shared drives actually live on,
and after
logging in while attached to it, I can then log out and log back in
while attached
to server which originally gave the problem.

We thought there could be some type of corruption going on with
eDirectory, ran
dsrepair on both servers, but the problem is still present.

Can anyone suggest anything? I'm not sure what's causing this, and we
want to ignore whatever is causing this simply by having them log in
attach to a particular server and then *hope* everything is fixed.

thanks in advance.