I have a strange problem we have a multi server environment and everything
seems to work fine.

I need users to login into a subserver ie: webserver

I have a main server with 140 licenses. a second server running
groupwise/apache with our website. This server is part of the tree. As the
admin I can get to the htdocs and update the website. If I go to imanager
and look at the health of the server I see an error about no license
install. how can I install licenses? I have tryed to move a license to that
server and no go. Inside of NWAdmin I have tryed to set the assignment of a
license to the server. With no luck. Any help would be great.

I have been the webmaster in the past so no biggie now there is a group of
users that need to get to the server to update the site.

Thank you for your time.