I am running a NW65 SP5 box with eDir, Universal Password
enabled and a password policy in place (set through iManager 2.5),
which has various rules for complex passwords in place, such as minimum
length, etc.

The rules are enforced when trying to change the password through
Netware Client (for windows, v4.91sp1 and I do believe earlier versions
as well). I can view the password policy through NW Client as well,
and it is correct.

Here is my question. When I use the SETPASS utility (copied from
NW4.1), however, it lets me change the password to almost anything (not
a blank password though), completely ignoring the password rules I have
set. I do believe that the setpass utility is changing the NDS
password - I just don't see why it is being accepted.

On a possibly related note, if I click on Users -> Modify User in
iManger, and look at the "password restrictions" for a particular user,
I only see a minimum password length of 1 character, rather than 8
characters that I have set as a global policy. If I increase this
number, it is in fact enforced when using SETPASS. My other global
rules, such as requiring numbers, etc. are still not enforced though.

Thank you,