NW 6.5 SP5
iManager 2.02 and 2.5
Windows 2000 admin workstation

After upgrading my admin Win2000 workstation with the latest windows update,
I can no longer handle iPrint Printer Profiles properly in iManager (both 2.02 and 2.5).

I can delete an existing profile allright, but no longer neither modify nor create printer profiles.
When trying to modify/create, the IE6 status line says "Error on page",
and nothing more happens.

When performing these actions from a W2K workstation without the lates windows update,
everything works ok.

I have even totally reinstalled my W2K workstation (with a totally new NTFS partition),
and thereafter ran windows update, installing all OS updates to this date,
and then iManger iPrint profiles fails on the very first attempt. :-(

I don't know which update that causes the trouble (they are many!),
and uninstalling them one by one are often difficult, due to order and dependencies etc...

Has anyone else seen this?
To reproduce, simply run W2K windows update until complete,
and iPrint Printer Profile creation and modification no longer work.
While deletion still do...

This is troublesome for me, because I badly need to create driver profiles
for both XP and Win2000, before distribution via iPrint.