Phil_at_NHS wrote:

> I will not go into all that I have tried doing, since it is not
> working. I thought Ncopy would do this, but apparently not.

It does.

> I have two data volumes on one nw 6.0 server. It is my intention to
> copy all of the data from one volume to the other, then rename the
> volumes using Server Magic. (I have VOL1. I will put all of the
> data from VOl1 onto VOl3, then rename VOl3 to VOl1. ) All user
> rights, trustees etc. must copy over. We are talking about 140
> giggles worth.
> Saw something about "Server Consolidation Utility", sounds like it
> may be the ticket, but I have never used it. Will it do a copy
> within the same server? In a reasonable amount of time?