I have a Dell PowerEdge 2400 running NW 6.5 SP4 (OES SP1)

I powered down the server, installed the card, fired up the server, NW found and recognized the card, wanted to install a specific driver, and wanted a slot. The onboard NIC currently installed is using slot 10005. Does it matter what slot I choose/give? I used slot 10002 and it seemed fine. However when I unplug the cable from the onboard NIC and into the PCI card NIC, it doesn't connect.

I am guessing one (or two) of two things is happening. Either I am not getting the whole slot thing and choosing the wrong one and/or the driver isn't correct. I was sent a driver CD from SMC (SMC SMC9452TX Gigabit Ethernet adapter) but I have never been able to figure out how to access the CD rom device from within NW.

So, for all those that have some free time to help the village idiot (me) figure this out, I would love it. I REALLY want this Gigabit card to be up and running, but can't figure it out!