We are in the process of redesigning our data volumes on our NW65 SP4a
servers. A typical server has 10 or more 40+ GB NSS volumes with drive
space provided by internal disks and a SAN. Currently, we have no
consistent approach. Pools are made up of multiple partitions spanning the
internal and external disk sources. Some pools contain single volumes,
others multiple volumes.

My question is: Which design would be considered preferable?

A) Create a partition using the internal or SAN disk space, create a pool,
create one volume within that pool. Repeat for the remaining volumes.
Result: Numerous smaller partitions with a one-to-one pool-volume assignments.

B) Create the partition (but larger) as above, create a larger pool, add
multiple volumes to that pool. Result: Two partitions (one using internal
disks, the other SAN disks), two pools, with multiple volumes in each.

C) Some other configuration.

I'm looking for the rationale for proceeding one way or the other.