My 3-user client was approached by the local Comcast cable Internet rep.
The rep said that, for the same price as their current service, he could
offer them "6 megabits which is a lot faster than what you're using."

First, the Comcast guy forgot to throw in the cost for a static IP as well
as domain and Web page hosting. Suddenly, the cost comparison wasn't so

Second, this sales guy maintained that every Comcast user would have 6
megabits "everywhere". Some of the conversation:

Me - Where are you getting this connection speed?

Rep - EVERYWHERE! I use a utility, and I get 6 megabits every time I try

Me - Where is the server that you're pinging?

Rep - In my office! And every customer gets that speed!

Me - Well, what happens when you go out to the Internet?

Rep - They get 6 megabits! Everywhere! It's soooo fast!

Me - I have no doubt that your customers get 6 megs to your office.
However, are you telling me that they get 6 megs from, say, Yahoo! or M$?

Rep - YES! They get 6 megabits everywhere!

And so it went. I asked about the guy's credentials, and he claimed that he
didn't need any since "I've been doing this for 15 years" and he was "over
the entire state".

I suppose that this means that our LAN users get 100 MB/sec when they're
attached to the LAN?

Tim Wohlford