I have one Netware6.5 SP5 (OES)
I the lately it start to Abend after only 1-2days. This in one problem,
men det other problem is that Scrsaver doesnt accept admin-password.
Admin-password is working else, but only ScrSaver doesnt accept it.
"The username or password is invalid".

I try to use full path with no luck, but it always been enough to write
ADMIN and the password.
Now i have to Reset server everytime i need to access console.
I also tried to Enable ScrSaver with "No password" but this doesnt work

It have always worked, but suddenly this happend.
It happend in the same time the server gets wery unstabel and make
multiple abends after 1-2days.
First it abend in LIBC
Then it runs multiple abends untill the server crash completly.

There must be some very heavy memory fragmentation because the server
start to report "Cache memory allocator out of availale memoy" after one
day and then "Short term memory allocator is out of memory".

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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