I have a NW65 SP4 server that I have run Memcalc on because the
'Available Logical Space' was at 323 MB. I have 4 GB in the server and
it sees all 4 GB. Before running memcalc, the server had 476,529
Current (Total) Cache buffers (from Console Monitor).

1. After running it and resetting the server and letting it run for 6
hr it had 492,000 and the 'Available Logical Space' was 726 MB. Does
this sound correct? I would have thought there would be a bigger
change. This is running ZfD 7 components including the inventory
server for a small business.

2. Because memcalc.nlm fixed the memory allocated to NDS, I have to
monitor this so that I don't run out of memory in that pool, correct?
Where can I see what the eDir Cache Size is currently set to? What set
parameter is that?

3. How can I look at the _NDSDB.INI file in the sys:\_NetWare dir?
Toolbox doesn't work.

4. Looking at Hamish's Document on Memcalc, I can't get the same
numbers he gets for his example for the FCMS value. Since the server
has more than 3.2 GB, the formula according to the doc should be:
(P - (P / 10) - NC - U) = 3757543552 - (3757543552/10) - 565481472 -
559448064 = 2,256,859,661 but the doc says it should be 2,256,535,552.
What am I missing?

5. Since I mainly use the server for file and print, are there any NSS
cache tuning parameters that I should take a look at?