Apologies if this is on the wrong board but here goes......

Our network is some 6.5, 5 Netware and Windows 2003 boxes, everything
is in eDirectory and Zfd management agent on all machines and we use
Group Policies delivered by Zen.

I use the C$ every now and then to move files etc.. but for some
reason this has stopped working, so has the admin$.

As far as I know nothing has been changed in the Group Policies and
this problem is happening across all of our workstations that I try to
connect to, it also happens when I try connecting to other machines
from other machines (if you know what I mean)

I have done a 'net share' command and all the usual shares are there
and I have also done this on the machines that I am trying to connect

If I try to connect to '\\IPaddress\C$' I get the message -
A device attached to the system is not functioning

If I try to connect to '\\MachineName\C$' I get the message -
Windows cannot find \\MachineName\C$. Check the spelling and try again,
or try searching for the item by clicking the start button and then
clicking search

Any ideas on this would be very much appreciated, thanks.