I just upgraded a server from NW 6 to 6.5 using the SP5 overlay. All
went very well as it was an across the wire migration to new hardware.

I performed all post migration installations including the Apache,
Tomcat and iManager (2.5) components.

I then began testing the services all work except for iManager from 8009
(iManager icon) or 2200. iManager works from

When attempting to acces iManager from https://server_ip:2200 the login
screen comes up, all LDAP information appears to be correct, I enter a
password then receive "User Not Authorized" and the login screen comes
up again.

PKIDIAG shows the certs be OK and LDAP is listening on 389 and 636. I
ran TCKEYGEN to re-generate the Tomcat key but this made no difference.

Is this an iManager issue or a LDAP/Apache/Tomcat/eDir issue?

Thanks in advance,