Right now I have BM 3.8 running on a Netware 6.5 sp5 server. Its pretty
smooth, with minor problems here and there in say the proxy.nlm or something
like that. For the most part it runs well.

Right now we only use BM for a few things. 1. User Authentication (who can
get out to the web and then what can the do) with access control rules. 2.
Proxy of very common websites. 3. Content Filtering with SurfControl.

At this time the company is in a unsettled state. We haven't officially
said all Netware is to go, but have said we are keeping it. I've taken it
upon myself to see what we should do with BM in the future. We currently
need to buy more licenses if we are going to keep it. But is there any
reason to do that? I've been looking at say ISA 2006 and Websence
integrated with our PIX (use PIX right now for port filtering and firewall

I'd like to hear others opinions.