NW6.5 SP4a, client 4.91 SP2.

Except for the server OS, we have the same problem as described here:

We have a few users who have changed the Target variable to redirect their
local My Documents folders to point to their respective home directories on
a Netware NSS volume. Users have full rights to home dir. When users open
Word files (Office XP SP2) through the the My Documents folder, they can
begin editing but then the file switches to read-only. They must rename
the file to save and exit.

If the users open the same files through their mapped network drive to the
home directory, everything works normally (no read-only issue).

I have turned off op locks and file caching on the server. File caching is
off on the client side. We have disable anti-virus temporarily. Disabled
synchronization of Offline files. Disabled Offline files completely.

No effect.

My Documents is a Read-Only directory, but so is the home directory.

Could it be indexing? A recent MS patch?

Any help is appreciated.