Hi all,

OES SP2 / nw6.5.5

I have spent a day trying to write a simple script to backup data from one
volume to another, using tar with a target file name of the day of the week.

Nothing too complex you might say

I have found several problems.

My early attempts at writing the script seemed to work only if I ran the
script from within the BASH shell

having read various methods to load BASH with the script simultaneously in
this forum I tried them

1: load bash <scriptname>.sh
2: sh <scriptname.sh

the script wouldn't work and bash wouldn't close down which if left would
mean increasing instances of BASH in memory

the script failson the tar statement

It is driving me a bit nuts.

Can anyone help

script is as below

The tar statement


BACKUP_FILENAME=$(date +%A).tar

Karim C Kronfli