Hi There, I used uimport, with the template option in the control file,
to import multiple users at once. Everything worked great, except for
when the home directories were created. No matter what I do, It gives
the user's access control to thier home directories. I checked the
template many times over, and made sure I have access control rights
turned off.

What I have done:

1. Made sure the control file was correct
2. Made sure template option was on in the control file
3. tried importing thew users again, just in case there was an error

This did not work, the users and thier home directories are created, but
the users have access control right to thier home directories still.

Is there a way to change the rights for many users at once, on their home
drirectory. I cannot do this with a group, as each home sirectory is
different...is there a variable I can use somehow, or some way to do this?

Thanks in advance.