Ok... So the 2 oldest boys (7 Stevie) and (2 Jason) were in the bathroom
getting cleaned up before they had to go to their dads...So Fast forward
2 hours later...

We have 2 dogs... Odie the 1 yr old Min Pin and Scratch the new puppy...

So shell and I were playing with the dogs and she noticed a patch of
hair missing on Scratch... Hrmmm... I look... that patch was shaved with
a razor. Turns out that the spot was shaved.

Hrrrmmm... So she called Stevie and here's how that went down

Mom: Hey Stevie I have a question for you.
Stevie: OK!!!
Mom: Do you know who shaved a spot on the back of the pup?
Stevie: I didn't do it... Jason didn't do it... Mommie, you won't
believe this but Odie did it and he knows how to turn on razors now, so
you should put them higher.

She told me that and I laughed not because we thought it was cute, but
since I use a straight razor and she uses disposable razors and we don't
even own an electric razor.

Jay Calderwood

Quote: "I have worked HARD for everything I have. A beautiful family
which includes a beautiful Soon-to-be wife,
a bunch of beautiful healthy kids, 2 annoying pooches, and an occasional
Pooh Bear (silly ol' bear he is).
Like I said I worked hard for what I have and I'm not going to lose this
because this is what I always have wanted.
I need to remove those cancerous people from my life to keep what I
have, and I will. I'm tired of all
the backstabbing and deceit. This is my world, I created it, now it is
time to kill what I let happen. I will not turn back."