Dude. Any one see Heck's kitchen last night???

WTF was that duck??? I was even embarrassed....

And the ending was a shocker... The men looked well...not pleased....

I don't see a clear cut winner yet, does anyone else?
Jay Calderwood

Quote: "I have worked HARD for everything I have. A beautiful family
which includes a beautiful Soon-to-be wife,
a bunch of beautiful healthy kids, 2 annoying pooches, and an occasional
Pooh Bear (silly ol' bear he is).
Like I said I worked hard for what I have and I'm not going to lose this
because this is what I always have wanted.
I need to remove those cancerous people from my life to keep what I
have, and I will. I'm tired of all
the backstabbing and deceit. This is my world, I created it, now it is
time to kill what I let happen. I will not turn back."