Dont know if I'm in the right place for this question, but here it is:

We have just upgraded our NW4.11 server to NW6.5. We have a zenworks 6.5
server running as well as a Citrix Metaframe v3.0 server.

We have a user policy that enables DLU for our citrix users via the User
Policy Package.

Before I upgraded to NW6.5, I was able to run Console one and manage the
Windows 2003 Terminal Server Policy within the User package. Now that NW
6.5 is in the picture, I don't even see the Option for Windows 2003
Terminal Server. I see the windows workstation policies and Windows 2000
Terminal Server policy but not the Windows 2003 Terminal Server.

Somehow, during the upgrade I must have done something to cause Console
One not to bring this up. Also, my new users are not getting the DLU
policy applied and do not get a local account on the citrix box.

Does anyone know how I can get this resolved? Is this a console one
problem or Edirectory problem?