I have technical questions for two examles of SLP configurations:

1. DA is on nw65 server MYHOME in version v2.
Now, when slp.nlm from others nw servers ask for DA
(service:directory-agent), send request to multicast group and and server MYHOME send unicast ansver
back to server which ask for DA.

But now I start slpd on sles9, this daemon send discovery question
only to multicast group, nw server MYHOME obtain this
multicast, but not answer.

2. When I have DA on sles9, all slp.nlm from all servers send discovery
multicast packet and all servers obtain unicast answer, where is correct
information about DA. But OpenSLP is registered only in multicast group, not in group

I hack all network trafic by tcpdump and ether-real to be sure, what
all servers send and receive.

And my questions:

- why slp.nlm send DA discovery packet to two multicast group and

- why slpda.nlm send ansver only for multicast group Not
for group

- slpda.nlm never answer for request "slptool findsrvs
service:directory-agent". OpenSLP answer for this request correctly.

Thanks for help.

Petr Olivka