I am having problems with my admin user. When I go in to change the
rights for a folder or file, it tells me that it failed to add the
trustee and that I may not have sufficent rights. I have checked the
user at the root level and made sure he has supervisor and all other
attributes. I also tried to add another user to the top level and got
the same results. I then created a completely new user, gave them
supervisor as assigned rights, added them as a Trustee of root and gave
it supervisor assigned rights and again got the same result. I have run
dsrepair and that has not made a difference. The OS version is Netware
6.5 Support Pack 5, the eDirectory version is SMP and my NDS
version is 10552.79. I checked time sycronization with my other servers
as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.