I had to shutdown my entire network, for electrical work.
on Bringing up my servers I encountered a problem.
Server is NW65sp5 8gb ram 10gb sys 3.5 gb free
On in starting, I got an error that the DS database could not be found, an
dI should run dsrepair. the server hung, after another restart the server
booted all the way. I ran dsrepair and got
ERROR: Insufficient disk space or missing files, Error: -6038
and ERROR:( I forgot the message but remember the code) Error: -601

I found TID 10077194 for the fix to allow me to repair the database.
DSReapir -Av

However, After some time now the database errors out and people cannot
login to the netowrk. It gives a message along the lines of 0xff0089
client cannot login you into the network an error has occured please try
again. If this error continues you may require to restart your workstation.
Or you may need to contact your administrator.

This occurs with Various clients on various windows OS's

Run a DSRepair will give the same above error but the DSReapir -AV will
complete and logins work again.