Hi all,

Having an issue where i install an IP only client and on the first bootup
it works fine. I witness the connections of the workstation in Monitor. I
am able to log in and out no problem at all as many times as i like and
all users are able to use the workstation.

The problem comes when i reboot the workstation, it doesnt remove the
workstation connection from the Monitor and then i know this will give
me a 'Tree or Server cannot be found' error when i try to login after the
reboot, and sure enough it does. The only way that workstation becomes
usuable again is if i either remove the connection via Monitor and reboot
again or leave the workstation long enough for it to clear and renew the
connection. Obviously both methods arent very useful as they would
require me to be on hand at all times and with 500+ workstations that
just aint fun !

My server is a NW 6.5 SP3 using Zenworks 3.2 (the latter being the reason
why i use 4.90 sp3 client as 4.91 doesnt work with ZFD3.2).

Thanks in advance