Our HO (main) NW6.5 (SP2) F&P server with NSS ran out of disk space over
the weekend. (We had around 200GB free)

The data volume ran out of space and backups, groupwise etc. all ground to
a halt, as you would expect.

After running some checks the disk space shows as totaly used up (400GB),
however the stats on induvidual directories do not add up and some 150GB
is not accounted for.
The amount of data is still the same as it was before the server ran out.

The server has been restarted and came up ok, it did not run any disk
checks on startup so I assume it was happy.

Are there any TIDS on this? I cannot find any.
Are there further checks I can run to determine what is happening?

Insight Manager, Windows Explorer & NSSMU all show only around 5GB free on
the volume. (Pool in NSSMU)

I have around 200GB unallocated space I can still assign to the data
volume but am hesitant to do so untill I figure out what has happened.

Do I need to run a NSS verify or rebuild? I have never done it and am a
bit scared to do so on our HO server due to how long it might take to

Any advice anybody?
Thanks - Mark