Netware OES 6.5 sp5
I have a Gateway 975 server with a Gateway 840 SATA RAID array attached.
Yesterday and today I have been getting this error.

NWPA-004: The CDM driver deactivated device [V358-A2-D4:0] Gateway 840
SATA RAID f/w: due to a device failure.

8-17-2006 12:42:15 am: COMN-3.24-1092 [nmID=A0025]
NSS-3.00-5001: Pool WYNNE2/SATA_840_POOL is being deactivated.
An I/O error (-1(zfsSuperBlk.c[2605])) at block 181945602(file
block 181945602) (ZID 0) has compromised pool integrity.

The server is not abended. If I power off both boxes and restart them,
it works...for a while at least. Is there any way I can reactivate the
device without downing the server? What can I do to diagnose and/or
troubleshoot? Thanks for any advice!