I have been trying to restart our mirroring on SRV2 after switch from
traditional to NSS volumes, a fairly painless task, after installing
sp5 I remirrored the sys vol with no problems using NSSMU but whenever
I try and mirror the data volume (vol1) it (vol1 only) disappears from
NRM (partition disks). The pools for the volume and mirror are both
there and the partition properties show the volumes there. NSSMU shows
everything there, mirror online fully sync'ed. DSREPAIR finds no
errors and we can access the data as normal. I have not bounced the
server yet. I can break the mirror and the volume reappears in NRM and
I have even moved it from one drive to another wth the same results.

Has anyone else seen this? I found it referenced once here.
If anyone knows anything or knows of any TIDS about this please let let
me know.