I have a small command I fire off to see a list of workstations that do
not have zen inventory registered


This had worked fine previously, but I haven't run it in a few months.

Today when I run it, it goes through several contexts and produces
results however it errors out in the middle.

NLIST-4.22-040: An incorrect context has been entered:
For help, type NLIST /?.

If I move the contexts of the nero OU to another place and remove it, it
just errors out at the OU before it alphabetically, that being
"Microsoft". (No jokes please :)

I can't figure out why it's having a proble with those contexts.. The
only changes I can think of since it worked have been client 32 patches.

Right now I'm on the latest client32 patched up to date as of this
posting. (4.91psp2_pkc)

Windows XP sp2. Netware 6.5 Sp4a