A couple basic questions on using iManager with a Novell Cluster (NW 6.5)....

First off, is iManager the best tool to use? Is it my all in one tool or
should I expect to use NWADMIN, Console 1, and iManager altogther? That's
what I'm used to.

Second, in iManager: In the Roles & Tasks view, Clusters, Cluster
Manager....after I've picked my cluster, I see icons representing my nodes.
The icons have markers on top of them stating active or not and that is
all clear....beneath the icons are the names of the node and they appear to
be links. When I click the link I get an "Error on Page" warning in the
lower right corner of my browser....and nothing happens. Investigation of
the error reports:

Line: 441
Char: 1
Error: '<my node>' is undefined
Code: 0
URL: https//<my
server>/nps/servlet/frameservice?taskld=ncs.Monitoring@nextState=Monit orMainPageContent

Where <my node> and <my server> are obviously actual entries but omitted
for privacy.

This error happens in both Firefox and IE (IE is my primary browser for
iManager). Both my browsers are patched to current levels and I don't have
any other issues using iManager services (My iManager is also the neweset
release on all my servers).

Do the links under the node icons even do anything? Is there something I
should be able to do or is this a bug? I realize this is kind of a trivial
question....but I want to know if I'm not able to do something I should be
able to.