Servers are NW6.5, SP4, running on HP dual proc blades with 2GB of memory.
iManager is version 2.6.

I am trying to administer netstorage via iManager, I can connect
successfully to iManager and login as an admin ok. I can successfully get to
the "netstorage->authentication domains" in the lefh hand panel but have
problems with setting things up.

1) If I click on add context I have to enter it as the typed ou e.g. :
ou=virology.o=bio is this normal, ideally I would like to have it search
from o=bio down.

2) If I attempt to set a priority for the contexts I click on change
priority, enter a number 0..7 and click "change priority" and it juyst sits
there, no error message and nothing set.

3) Clicking "remove context" again does nothing.

4) Though I have entered additional search contexts, I still need to login
to Netstorage using the full user.context.org syntax.

If anyone can help me with this it would be most helpfull :)