Sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask this.

I have a netware 6.5 sp5 box attached to an iscsi san ( made by lefthand
networks ) via basp network drivers across two bonded intel nics (
802.3ad ). I have one application, microstation, on our workstations ( XP
Pro all patched up running nwclient 4.91 sp2 ) that is throwing errors about
the network connection being lost during an automated save, no other
evidence from other apps, email, autocad, word, excel, draw, etc..
Eventually retrying the save works ( time varies ). Looking under log file
management in remote manager I find a log entitled I1000001 that shows many
occurrences of the following:
49676980 [i] [CON0:1] waiting for iscsi hdr

49676981 [!] initiator_get_connection no connection available

It's the only indication I can find of anything wrong on the server side of
things. Can anyone tell me what these messages mean and / or if they are
related to my microstation issues?