I've got data on a Netware cluster I need to move to a new cluster (all
NW6.5). Apparently, all the Mac users connect to the old hardware via
AFP and have shortcuts on their desktops and docks pointing to the old
server location. If I move the data, my AFPBIND statement in the new
cluster load script won't match the old location; all Mac shortcuts will

As I understand it, the AFPBIND command simply starts SLP v2 advertising
of the server.

Am I safe if I:
1. move the data from NCPServer1 to NCPServer2
2. unload AFP on NCPServer1
3. in the NCPServer2 cluster load script use "AFPBIND add NCPServer1"

I would be trying to have the new NCP Server bind AFP to the OLD NCP
server name, hopfully not breaking any Mac shortcuts. Will SLP recover
quickly enough to realize the change, or am I really making attribute
changes to edir objects that will cause me major trouble?