Hey all,

It seems I am always the first to experience issues, at least that is what they tell me. :)

This one I brought on myself. I changed my Admin.org password. We used this password for most "admin" things like installs and configs. The admin password got beyond the scope of secure so it was really time to change it, and BOOM.

There was a bunch of things that just stopped working.

We managed to fix groupwise and messenger and some agent and management ports, xtier for Netstorage, and a bunch of other non-novell apps (Gwava, gwextranet, engl, etc)

Things are better but not quite right. LDAP and SLP seem funny.

What else should I take a look at that might be burried deep? We are creating service accounts for many things and NOT using admin anymore. Plus, we have the passwords for these accounts under raps.