Hello all,

All of a sudden, with no patches, we are having a problem with SLP and I can not figure it out.

We have a product called ENGL, we use for imaging our system.

We have SLP configured for SLPV2. We have 1 Scope unit named "DEFAULT" being serviced by 3 DA's and each DA is being services by 1 server each. All of our other servers have a static entry for the SLP.CFG that points to 1 of the other servers.

Last week, with no changes, all of a sudden SLP stopped working for whatever reason. I looked at the servers to see if there was anything wrong. All of the S/A servers were set to allow all, exclude none, Static scope lists to "on" and SLP Scope list is "DEFAULT". I changed the SLP Discovery options from 15 to 2. I am handing out both options 78 and 79 as Mandatory. 78 has the IP address of 2 of the 3 SLPDA servers. option 79 is set to "DEFAULT".

The reason I know this works is because the ENGL user can not login. If I put the ip address of the server in, it works just fine.

I am running NW 6.5 sp5 patched to the lastest everything. I am running the 4.91 sp2 pkc plus the beta stuff, client.

Any suggestions? Open another incident?


Tom Hafemann