Hi All

Ok this it what I have. Basically I have 2 networks, an Admin network
and a Student netwrok. The Admin network consists of many admin networks
with 1 network specifically for servers. The student network is the same
as the admin except with separate IP subnets. The Admin users can talk
to all Admin servers and student servers, the student users can only talk
to student servers. Admin servers and Student servers can all talk to
each other.

I origianlly put 2 scopes in for SLP, a student scope and a admin
scope, the reason being that I did not want student users getting a
address of a admin server in their get nearest server request then have
to wait while it timed out. So the the student users only have student
as their scope and only student servers reachable by students are in the
scope. In all the server scope lists there is a an entry for Admin and
Student scopes, there is a single DA that all the server point to.

This seems fine, it keeps the students from trying to accidentally
log into Admin servers and it seems to make sense, at least to me.

My concern is that Novell using pretty strong language in trying to
discourage the use of Multiple Scopes. Is this a viable option or is
there a better way to do this?

I have cluster services running and it seems fine with the current
SLP config, the only problem I have is backup exec taking forever to
discover agents, about 1.2 Min per agent. It was suggested the SLP may
be at the root of the BE problem.