On the Health Monitor on Remote Manager, I'm getting this warning:
Description Current Peak Max

Available Memory 1,268MB 979MB * 3,775MB
Available Logical Space 425MB 330MB * 4,096MB

*Low Value

Here's the reported
Logical Address Space
Space Usage Actual
In Use Kernel Space 2,540,744,704 59.1
Free Kernel Space 445,648,896 10.3
Fragmented Kernel Space 243,220,480 5.6
Reserved for User Spaces 731,897,856 17.0
Reserved for OS Data 333,455,360 7.7
Peak User Space 731,897,856 17.0
Total Address Space 4,294,967,296 100.0

also the
Recommended Set Parameter Changes
Set Parameter Current Value New Value
File Cache Maximum Size 1,327,571,968 1,073,741,824

Restart the server after making the changes using the following command:
server -u898000000

If you want this change to be permanent, insert this command in the
appropriate configuration file.
The recommended changes are for the current server only. After changing
parameters, you need to let the server run for a while to adjust to the
services being run with the new settings.

What's going on here? Should I make the recommended FCMS change?


David G. Wilson

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