Perhaps someone can help enlighten me, and point me in the right direction.

I have a GW 6.5 system on a Netware partition of 30 Gb. Over the past year,
it has been a constant struggle for me with disk space. We will get close
on space (less than 1 Gb or so) and I beg the users to remove old email,
sent items, etc. A new server is in the budget, but I thought perhaps I
could do things more effieciently than constantly harassing users to clean
up their old email. In poking around in Console One, I came across
something curious.

In Console One, on the Properties of my email Volume, Under statistics, I
see a "Purgeable Size" of "-2,733,216" I would assume that means if I purge
that volume, I should gain 2 Gb. However, after purging (from Windows
Explorer) (and purging subdirectories), I see no noticeable difference. In
fact, the "Purgeable Size" actually doesn't change that much. Is this right?
How can I ensure I get everything purged.

Thank you much for any advice and help