Seems NSS blew up on one of our servers. All volumes and pools were
deactivated shortly after a backup started. I was able to get the SYS volume
to mount after a nss /poolverify and /poolrebuild. Some data was lost during
the rebuild so I am trying to do a restore to this server.

The server is Netware 6.5 sp5 with the post sp5 server.exe. Trying to do a
restore to the sys volume but I repeatedly get SMS: fffdffd7: login denied

We are using Netbackup. I have reinstalled the Netbackup client, reinstalled
the latest tsa update, renamed the sys:system\tsa folder in case there was
corruption there. What else might be missing or corrupt that is causing the

Sandra TokashÌSr Network EngineerÌLodgian, Inc