We are having trouble with a school corporation infrastructure. It seems
that once a user enters his/her login credentials the pc will reboot
itself. It does not display the login script box, it doesn’t start to
load the desktop. The trouble is very random in nature. There is about 300
machines of different vintages in the corporation. Let’s say.. In a lab of
30 machines. All of the kids login as themselves. Maybe 5 machines will
restart just after they put in their username and password. If you have all
of them restart their machines and try again. It will be a different set
of kids on different machines and maybe 2 will restart or maybe 8. It
happens on teachers machines as well. There is a variety of Novell client
versions ont the machines. All of the machines are relatively up to date
on patches for Windows XP. Symantec 10.0 antivirus is installed on all of
the machines. It seems to happen to all types of users from every
different context. We can find no pattern to this, it doesn’t matter what
kind of hardware, what time of day, version of client32 or other software
running on the machine.
Staff has indicated that it seems to happen more frequently to users that
are newly created. Dsrepair shows a clean tree. Ran a full unattended
repair on both servers in production without issue.

-Netware servers 6.5 with latest Service Packs
- A variety of white box workstations
- Deepfreeze on the student workstations
- Local XP user accounts are static as either “Student” or “Teacher”
- Zen agents are loaded on each machine
- Doesn’t seem to happen on the few windows98 machines they have remaining
Thanks in advance for any advice