We are unable to login to iManager, Remote Manager, or a Dell utility if
we access any of them using the server name (https://SRVR1/nps/imanager,
https://SRVR1:8009, https://SRVR1:1311). The login screens will appear,
but when we attempt to login we get various failure messages. Everything
works fine if we use the IP address instead.

I don't believe this is a name resolution issue, as the login screens do
appear (which implies workstation DNS is fine), and the servers all have
each other listed in their host files, in addition to being configured to
use DNS. Based on discussions I've read through I've ran PKIDIAG (no
errors), check the Apache httpd.conf (servername entry is correct),
lowered the security level in the browser, and confirmed public has
applicable rights to sys:login directory. SLP is configured and working
correctly as far as I can see.

This problem does not exist in a test network we use, that is basically a
mirror image of our production configuration, unless this could be a
routing issue of some sort, since the test network does not involve any
of our switches, firewalls, etc.

I am stumped, and am hoping someone can shed some light.

Thank you.