DNS/DHCP Management Console
NetWare 6.5 sp5

Hallo to you all out there that likes the OLD DNS/DHCP Management Console
and are not familiar or simple dos not like the iManager interface for
DNS/DHCP managing.
Many off you have used a Win98 or Win2000 on another machine ore still
using a WMware to run the tool in it.

Hear comes some small simple task that I discovered that while enable you
to run DNS/DHCP Management under WinXPsp2.

1.Download the latest DNS/DHCP Manager (dnsdhcp4.exe

2.Unpack the dnsdhcp4.exe to your C:\DNS\ (remember that directory shod
not be more then 8+3 characters)

3.After the extraction right click on the setup.exe file and open the
properties page, go to the compatibility tab and chose win98 at the
Compatibility mode settings, also check the Input Settings to Turn off
advanced text services for this program.

4.Now you can Install the program that while ask you to copy snapins, you
can chose to copy this or not its up to you (\\server_name\SYS\PUBLIC ).

5.Run the program and enjoy the OLD application as you us to.

PS: check your java version by running cmd and entering the java –version
at the console
I have the latest installed 1.5.0_06.

Best regards