This is a new thread based on a similar posting several threads down.

All user accounts have been imported using ICE

Upon login their password must be changed and does not expire for the rest
of the school year. However, each time the user logs in they are asked to
change the password again, and the grace period keeps ticking down from 6,
5, 4 ...

My immediate thinking is universal password is not being updated from
users who login from Windows 98 with the novell client 3.4. This problem
does not reoccur if the user logs in and changes their password using a
novell web based utility such as iManager or logging in and changing the
password through Windows XP with the 4.92 client.

This being the case Marcel replied to my query with the info below:
Make sure your software is up to date. E.g. make sure you have eDirectory or later on your servers as well as the security services 2.0.2:

If after that the problem still occurs, start a separate thread for your

Okay I am in the processes of upgrading from eDir to and
will install the Security Services 2.0.2 after this is done.

Question 1: Does SS2.0.2 need to be installed on every netware server with
a r/w replica of a student container or does this need to be installed
only on one server (my master replica server)?

Question 2: What is this excercise going to solve? If the Novell 3.4
client does not have NMAS module installed (and I have tried installing
the nmas client that comes with the 4.9 client to no avail), and
eDirectory passwords cannot be syncronized to NMAS I do not see what these
updates are going to accomplish.

Question 3: Almost nothing chnaged from last school year to this school
year in terms of the client and the netware backbone, why has this
occurred? We did not have this problem last year and had Universal
password running.

Thnaks for your time