Background: We have 12 locations, each location has a container in
eDirectory, its own server and is connected via a WAN link. Each container
contains a login script that makes drives for the user. Some users travel
between locations on a daily basis.

Issue: We want 2 drive mappings to always remain local to the location they
are at. For example. When a user from container A is at location B we
want the drive to map to location B when the user logins with their account
located in container A. To attempt to solve this I changed mappings that
looked like this in the login script: map g:=servername_data: to map g:=data:
For the most part this works except in some cases where it wants to map the
g drive across the WAN. In some cases its users who are logging into their
local server but still recieve a mapping to the remote server. The fix
currently is to have the user log out and back in and that usually fixes
the problem.

Questions: What exactly happens when you map to g:=data: as opposed to
mapping to a specific server location?
Is there a way to ensure that users get the local mappings instead of
remote mappings? In no case do we want the remote mappings.